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Interior/Exterior Painting

Painting can be dangerous work at times. Let us keep you safe and let us take care of all of your exterior and interior painting needs.


Epoxy can transform a worn garage floor into a long lasting and visually stunning work of art.

Stucco (Minor Repairs)

Synthetic stucco , this procedure is sprayed to remove major cracks from structure.

Wood Stain

Over time wooden surfaces can become dull and lose its strength. Wood stain helps restore the look and provide durability.


Lacquer is used to provide a high glossy finish to any type of surface specifically for wooden furniture.


Have a giant hole in your wall? We can fix it.

Power Wash

Over time your home can have a buildup of mold,dirt, and mildew. We provide power washing to get rid of these things and keep your home looking fresh.

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Character Property Painting
Excellence and professionalism is one of our top priorities

That is why you will be satisfied with our services. Our name "Character Property Painting" comes from the idea that we want to give your project a sense of individuality and uniqueness.

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